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Having access to timely, quality primary care is getting increasingly difficult.  Fewer primary care providers, long wait times, confusing insurance coverage and limited services affects patients finding a medical home.   Fortunately, an innovative medical model is gaining popularity and is now available in Henderson, Nevada.  It's called "Direct Primary Care" (DPC). 


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iMed's Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a different kind of primary care practice. We believe the doctor-patient relationship is the key to excellent care and should be given priority in medicine. The DPC membership model supports a strong, healthy doctor-patient relationship without the influence of insurance companies.  It brings back the traditional relationship including more time with your doctor and restores personalized care while simultaneously adding newer technology that gives unprecedented access to your doctor.  Our DPC membership helps provide you with a medical home, and with some care and planning can deliver better, more consistent healthcare while lowering the overall cost of healthcare for your family.


Women's Health



What is DPC?


Direct Primary Care is a care model that is similar to a Gym membership.  Instead of using health insurance to pay for access to primary care, the patient pays a simple monthly fee, and in return gets timely, quality care visits with their doctor without copays or deductibles.  This model supports more modern and flexible care options including being able to communicate with the provider and his staff via email, text, phone or video chat because insurance does not dictate how or when care needs to be delivered.  Also, iMed.MD DPC providers limit the number of patients that they take care of so they can deliver the highest quality of care to their patients.


Is iMed’s Direct Primary Care insurance?

No. The monthly fee only covers ongoing primary care services including office visits, telephone, text and video telemedicine.  This provides flexibility and convenience dependent on the care requirements.  We also help you navigate cash pay pricing for labs, medications, X-rays and other services. 

The DPC relationship is for primary care services only, so we still recommend patients have at least "catastrophic" or wrap around insurance to cover emergencies and other levels of care including the catastrophic or those requiring a specialist.  Fortunately, this is a synergistic model and careful coordination and planning of the right insurance policy, cash discounts for outside services, and using other tools including an HSA (health savings account) can often more than pay for the monthly fee in DPC.


Will iMed’s Direct Primary Care still benefit me if I already have insurance?

Insurance doesn’t always equate to coverage.  It also doesn't equal total quality healthcare and having insurance alone is not enough to have a medical home.  High deductibles and long wait times to see a provider in a standard practice can be barriers to patient care.   Direct Primary Care allows for better access to your physician.  DPC reduces wait times to be seen and provides more flexibility by using electronic communication to simplify communication and save patient travel time when a face-to-face visit is not required including same day visits, visits through electronic means, etc.

Additionally, because of today's high deductibles and copays, many patients are not getting recommended labs, studies, and procedures.  iMed’s direct primary care clinics negotiate discounts with labs, radiology centers, and medication discounts.  We are continually working to improve access to services needed by our patient's and community and striving to lower overall healthcare costs.  

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