How to Sign-up


Welcome to the iMed provider area.  I am pleased to have a place to share information and instruction.  My intent is provide providers and staff convenient access to relevant information.


There are a few easy steps to sign up: (If you want help with any of all of this, simply call our office and Rhonda or Elizabeth can do all the steps for you)

1) You need a Provider Account.  This unlocks the Provider area of the Navigation bar:

   Selecting (left-mouse click) on the provider section of the navigation bar will automatically bring you to a login/registration screen if you are not logged, or show you the main page of the provider content once logged it.

The steps are as follows:

1) Register an account. You will need to provide:

     Name:  First Name and Last Name.  Sample: John Smith

     e-mail Address: Enter valid e-mail address, so we can contact you.  Sample

     Password: please enter a password at least 8 digits long

     Phone Number: Sample: 555-555-5555

     Your Practice Name: Sample: The Best Clinic Ever, LLC

2) After filling in the 5 fields, select the "Register" button.

3) Confirm e-mail

    You will next be taken to a screen and an e-mail will be sent the the e-mail that you registered with above.  There will be a link in the e-mail, simply select that link and your e-mail will be verified. If you don't receive and e-mail, re-enter it in the confirmation page or call us for help.

4) After verifying your e-mail, you will be able to return to the login screen to sign-in.

5) After signing in (Logging-in) the icon on the top of the screen will change and the Member profile icon will be visible:

    You are now able to navigate in the provider area to any non-subscription content. 



Channels and Subscriptions

Now that you can access the provider area, please subscribe to Channels of interest.

Currently, I will be focused on content in the neoGEN channel, but future channels are coming including weight loss, HRT (classic and Bioidentical hormones), Knee Pain, etc.

For a Membership Subscription to access the neoGEN channel, you can pay by 

1) Calling our office directly and providing a credit card (Rhonda or Elizabeth will take you call)

2) Online payment.  See link below:

3) Mail a check to:

Imed Consulting LLC
4130 E. Sunset
Henderson, NV 89014

Once payment is received, your subscription will be applied to your account and you will have access to that channel.  You can call us for faster access.


neoGEN Channel 1-year Subscription, 12 Monthly Payments